Ecovillage and Holistic Education Center

Our mission: To advance individual, collective, and universal healing and liberation...

...through our personal lifestyles, while supporting others in doing the same by offering permaculture courses, spiritual retreats, activist trainings, and musical gatherings presented by some of the most innovative minds in their fields. We are designing not only our own village but also a well-researched, replicable template for other dreamers and doers to use as a model.

Our intention is for The Conscious Agora to be part of an extensive network of interconnected communities that foster a new paradigm for Earth and all its inhabitants.

Our guiding principles

Sovereignty of the Individual


Any action taken to limit the rights of the individual is immoral and will lead to strife.



We must apply a sense of heightened awareness to every one of our actions if we hope to continue the spiritual
evolution of our species.



The restoration of the natural systems of the planet, and changes in our way of life so that we need not be dominated by violence and coercion.

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